inspiration is a magical thing

a productivity multiplier

a motivator

But it won't wait for you

-37 Signals, Rework pg 271


as of August 17th 2016

I am an energetic, uber passionate developer. I am a Google Developer Expert, Web Dev at WeaveUp and I have some Front-End and Angular courses on Code School. I love to learn new things and then share them with others. I Scuba Dive and have a toothless dog named 'Gummy'.

I side gig at Clevercode, we make cool things. My awesome day job is at WeaveUp, where I get to code all the things!

I have web series called 'Getting Rid of the JR', on the tubes!

My name is Alyssa Nicoll, come talk sometime. You can find me on the twitters!


as of June 26th 2015

Web Developer and teacher at Code School. I have two bachelors, one in Psychology (no that has not been useful) and the other in Web Dev. I love Angular and am currently working on a Web Animations Course at Code School.

Unlike a lot of folks who believe that technology is causing people to drift apart and become more distant (everyone sitting around on their iPhones at the dinner table), I believe that Internet gives us the ability to connect and share in ways that we never have been able to before. Sites that are wonderfully designed and functionally whole make me giddy with joy. These websites inspire me to be a better developer and they give me hope for the future of web. I make these places my virtual hang out, my shelter from the non-semantic storm that is currently sweeping the web, essentially these sites are my second home.

Simon Collison talked about surrendering things we care about in order to be the best at one thing. I do not wish to be mediocre at anything. So I suppose I have been given permission to let go and truly embrace the beautiful. If I had to pick one thing to learn and embrace it would be ES6, two things —Angular 2.0, three things —web standards and the future of the web.

My name is Alyssa Nicoll, here I come world.

I am a teacher at Code School, come learn something. I am a front end dev for Clevercode, we make cool things.